RGB lights strips/RGB Lighting Preface

RGB LEDs are the newest technology to use in moment’s print, videotape and film assiduity and represent the stylish addition for anyone to be taking advantage of.

RGB lights strips

RGB comes from Red, Green and Blue which are the primary colors of the cumulative color system. RGB lighting enables the stoner to produce millions of different colors grounded on these primary colors.

The introductory color mixing map gives you an idea of what combinations to make in order to produce different colors. These are illustrated as following

Red Herbage = Unheroic
Green Blue = Cyan
Blue Red = Magenta
Red Green Blue = White

Classic RGB or RGBWW?
RGB lighting can be used to produce a wide range of colors, from warm orange to cool blue. This technology is frequently used in the RGB LED strips which can be the following types

Classic RGB LED strips triadic diodes ( red, green and blue each in one diode). Still, the white light is attained but may contain traces of other colors (the CRI/ TLCI is generally lower) and won’t have the same brilliance as the true white LED, If used contemporaneously.

RGB W LED strips triadic diodes ( red, green and blue each in one diode) and a separate white diode. Because two diodes of the same color are placed at distance, the light may not be unevenly distributed; applying a prolixity sludge can fluently overcome this.

RGBW LED strips quadruple 4-in-1 diodes ( red, green, blue and white each in one diode) deliver an unevenly distributed lighting in any color
RGBWW LED strips quintuple 5-in-1 diodes ( red, green, blue plus warm white and cool white all in one diode) offer the advantage of high CRI/ TLCI in all CCT range. Our CineFLEX line uses the RGBWW strips to produce a wider range of colors.

Main RGB Video Lighting Features

Why do people use RGB lights on set? It’s because of the capability to control color on set snappily, fluently, without resorting to adding gels or having redundant precious particulars to bring on set. This can still work, but having the capability to change the tinge and achromatism of the lights with just a flip of a button is a great advantage.

Being in a nonstop expansion, the RGB lighting assiduity is now more and more accessible indeed to entry position shutterbugs and videographers. Budget druthers are now available, with numerous useful features, and should be considered by anyone erecting a lighting tackle.

First of all, these lights are movable, battery powered and numerous of them come with included transport bag, veritably suitable for travelling. The wide range of controls similar as tinge, color temperature, achromatism and brilliance adaptations give endless possibilities to produce unique lighting setups.

The high CRI/ TLCI RGB lights with extended color temperature range like our CineLED SkyHUE series are essential for this assiduity where the color delicacy is a crucial demand.

Thepre-programmed special goods with malleable parameters are a must-have for creating emotional dynamic scenes, like showers, police auto chase, fireworks and pictorial party scenes.

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