controller for led lights
controller for led lights

Controller for led lights
What’s an LED regulator?
LED regulator devoted to driving LED light, It’s through the chip processing control LED light circuit in each position of the switch. Connected to the LED strip lights, The LED strip Controller controls the motorist circuit by thepre-set program and makes the LED strip lights flash, fade,etc.

Types of regulators
Numerous different types of lights regulators on the request, different technologies can be divided into the following
. IR regulator using infrared technology, IR regulator must be aligned with the receiver on the light, and the middle can’t be blocked, the distance is generally not further than 7 measures.

RF regulator using radio frequence technology, through the radio swells to transmit control signals.

Wi-Fi LED regulator through the bedded Wi-Fi module to achieve the LED strip current control, connect the home wireless router composed of a original area network regulator for communication.

Bluetooth LED regulator the use of Bluetooth technology to achieve IP connectivity and gateway settings and numerous other new features.

Zigbee regulator a close range, low complexity, low power consumption, low data rate, low- cost two- way wireless communication technology.

What are the features of the LED Controller
IR regulator

It isn’t subject to electromagnetic hindrance, low- cost products, cheap.

short control distance, there can be no obstructions in the middle.
RF regulator

control distance, up to knockouts of measures, and between the receiver as long as there’s no essence blocking the part of the exhibition can be used typically.
no direction, you can’t “ face to face” control.

Cost is advanced than IR regulator.
WiFi LED Controller

Through the smartphone APP to make the strip lights on, out, darkening, original control,multi-point control, remote control, indigenous control,etc.,
. Connect the LED light regulator to make the intelligence of the strip lights, connect the voice device, voice control the strip lights.
It can be controlled by the strip lights in a different place by smartphone.
You can control your strip lights by smartphone anywhere.
It can be controlled by multiple LED Regulators by one smartphone.
The fashionability is fairly wide, principally, every home has a router device, the price of the device is fairly low, the use of the cost will be fairly low.
WiFi networking is accessible, the protocol is unified, using TCP/ IP protocol.

WiFi networking capacity is low, limited expansion, substantially used in homelighting.However, you can use Bluetooth LED Controller, If used for marketable or engineering classes.
Wireless stability is poor, The WiFi signal may not be entered in large apartments.
Bluetooth LED regulator

control the light strip through the smartphone APP.
Connect Bluetooth regulator to realize the intelligence of the strip light, connect the voice device, voice control the strip light.
Bluetooth Mesh network can produce multiple areas, each control area supports up to 60 bias, through the APP can fluently switch the control area, so that it can support unlimited bias.
Bluetooth MESH networking technology, to achieve comprehensive content of Bluetooth wireless signal, break through the short distance disadvantage of Bluetooth, to achieve a wide range of lighting operations.
low cost, easy installation, good stoner experience.
low power consumption, strong support capabilities, strong networking capabilities, large expansion space, suitable for engineering use.

limited control distance.
inharmonious protocols between different bias.
Zigbee regulator

low power consumption.
It can automatically form a network of bias, linking the direct data transmission of each device.

The ZigBee protocol is clumsy and the transmission rate is low, so it has not been popular.
Slow, delicate to compatible, and the most deadly point is that the penetration rate of the outfit it carries is extremely low.
A single Zigbee device principally can’t be directly controlled by our cell phones, need a gateway as a connection between the device and the cell phone mecca.
LED regulator installation considerations
please install the regulator in a well- voiced place to insure that the ambient temperature is applicable.
the regulator must match the power force, before powering on, make sure to check whether the input power force meets the product conditions and whether the power affair is the same voltage as the product.
Enjoin wiring with electricity, check to make sure the wiring is correct, check that there’s no short circuit, and also power on.

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